What is ICorrect?

ICorrect is the website to set the record straight. So far, the likes of Wikipedia and Google searches consist entirely of hearsays. ICorrect uniquely provides “words from the horses mouth”.

How is ICorrect unique?

ICorrect is the first website to correct permanently any lies, misinformation and misrepresentations that permeate in cyberspace.

How does ICorrect work?

ICorrect provides corporations and individuals with their own webpages, in which specific corrections are posted against accusations selected by the corrector - from the internet or other media.

What exactly does ICorrect do?

ICorrect protects one’s reputation in cyberspace forever.

The Distinct advantages of ICorrect

1. ICorrect is a serious website that deals with negativity, away from all the positivity of a general website.
2. ICorrect is a website that carries a permanent catalogue of corrections against matching accusations, each chosen at the discretion of the Corrector.
3. ICorrect is not fleeting nor temporary, unlike Twitter or YouTube or Facebook, all of which ICorrect augments and complements.
4. ICorrect enables the Corrector to post precise corrections, without the danger of third parties quoting them out of context.
5. ICorrect will always ensure the true identity of the corrector, by insisting on a reliable reference from each applicant.
6. ICorrect is not only a forum for corrections, but also one that facilitates apologies and notices.

ICorrect does not set out to solve the problem of future lies, misinformation and misrepresentation, which has become part of modern life.

ICorrect, however does set out to protect forever in cyber space the reputation of those who believe in setting the record straight on accusations they regard as unfair or untrue.

For any further enquiries about ICorrect please email: enquiries@icorrect.com

For any press enquiries about ICorrect please email: pressenquiries@icorrect.com

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