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    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    I have never said I favour style over comfort – it has always been my experience that the two can work very well together. The whole point of being a hotelier is that, when I come to design a hotel, I know from first-hand experience what makes a guest happy and leads them to come back time after time, which is the basis of running a successful and profitable hotel business. Blakes for example has a long list of celebrity and other guests who are very demanding about comfort and who have been coming to stay there time and again for 20 years or more As to the reference to refitting of two of the hotels I have designed, experience also shows that people who buy boutique hotels tend to do some redecoration, usually because the wife of the buyer sees herself as a designer or, in one case, because the son is an architect, which has nothing to do with comfort – and may actually discourage the regular guests from coming again P.S. Wikipedia also says that I am “known to my friends as Nou-nou”. Ugh! There is only one friend who does so, and she does it as a joke.

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